5 Autumn Portrait Ideas

Autumn’s changing colors make for a perfect opportunity to head outside for portrait photography. Photographer Scott Burns from Creative Gains shares five simple tips for fall portrait shoots:

1. Find a Location With Autumn Vibes

What gives better autumn vibes than leaves that are changing colors? Find yourself a location that has a good number of trees turning from green to yellow or orange. Then, when you compose your shot, include the trees in your composition creatively or simply as a background.

2. Take Mid-Action Shots

Who doesn’t think of autumn when they see a pumpkin? Burns takes inspiration from photographer Jordi Koalitic and takes a mid-action knife shot.

Burns places a carved pumpkin on the ground and carefully places a knife in it. To add drama, he pours water on the knife and the pumpkin. In the background, the model poses to make it look like she’s thrown the knife into the pumpkin.

mid-action portrait shot with pumpkin

3. Use Smoke Grenades

Ignite a smoke grenade and place it inside the pumpkin. The colorful smoke coming from the openings of the pumpkin will add drama and vibrance to the image. However, be careful as you will get paint everywhere from the smoke.

4. Do Something Out of the Ordinary

Who’d think of using a toilet roll holder in a portrait photoshoot? Thinking outside the box and using items or props that make the photo interesting is a good practice. Burns uses the toilet roll holder to frame the model’s face while also ensuring that the autumn leaves are in the background.

5. Use Leaves as Props

What better way to make use of autumn leaves than using them as props? See how you can make the subject interact with the leaves. Ask them to hold the leaves. Or see if they can throw leaves in front of their face. Get your creative juices flowing and think of ways to play with the colorful autumn leaves.

What’s your favorite autumn photography trick?

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