30 Tips & Techniques for Portrait Photography

Photographing people requires tremendous attention to detail. Not only do you need to get your camera settings right, but you need to work effectively with your subject at the same time. This eBook was designed to help readers gain confidence and avoid common pitfalls in portrait photography. Found here: 30 Tips & Techniques for Portrait Photography

tips and tricks for portrait photography

30 Tips & Techniques for Portrait Photography

Many photographers are intimidated by working with people. They’re afraid they’ll make their subject look bad. They’re unsure of how to interact with clients during a shoot. They don’t know how to pose effectively.

Portraiture doesn’t have to be intimidating. As with all things, you improve with experience, but you can avoid many mistakes and failures by learning from experienced photographers.

The 30 Tips & Techniques for Portrait Photography eBook is arranged with one technique on each page, making it an easy resource you can load onto your phone or tablet to have on you at all times. Topics range from establishing rapport to lighting techniques to posing. And you don’t need special gear to use it; the tips presented in this reference guide can be used with practically any kind of camera.

Some of the chapters include (35 pages):

  • Subtle changes can make big differences
  • Don’t expect too much from the first 5 minutes shooting
  • Understand your subject’s state of mind
  • What if your model doesn’t like the photos?
  • Learn how to focus and recompose
  • Focusing with the camera’s screen
  • Expose for the face
  • A catchlight brings the eyes alive
  • Use shadows for shape definition
  • Position of light
  • Where to face your subject
  • Learn to see curves and lines
  • Quick fire pose tips
  • Think about your ‘rules’ for cosmetic post-processing
portrait photography tips and tricks ebook

Pages from 30 Tips & Techniques for Portrait Photography

Neil Creek is a photographer with ten years’ experience and a passion for teaching. Over the years, he has picked up many ideas, techniques, and problems to watch out for that many photographers learn the hard way. This eBook is a compilation of the lessons he’s learned as a professional portrait photographer.

How to get a copy:

The eBook comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones, and most tablets; it works great as a mobile reference out in the field.

It can be found here: 30 Tips & Techniques for Portrait Photography

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