3 Tips for Sports Photography

If you’re looking to get into sports photography, pay attention to these wise words from sports photographer Al Bello. He often draws inspiration when admiring work from other photographers and advises others to do the same. In his video, Bello details how much work, sacrifice, and luck goes into his job on a daily basis in order to thrive as a sports photographer. Watch the video below to learn more about his procedure and wisdom for excelling in this area of photography:

Bello insists that there are three main things that he looks for when shooting photos for different sports:

1. Look for a clean background, paying attention to the light source and how it affects your subject.

clean background sports photography

2.  Focus on where you place yourself to capture good light and the right angle for the composition of your photo.

light angle sports photography

3. Find the best lighting for your subject and keep in mind the moments that will have the greatest action in them. Also, look for a variety of colors and shadows to enhance and draw attention to your photograph.

colors shadows sports photography

Bello regularly uses three lenses: a long lens (200-400mm) for longer shots, a wide angle lens for closeups, and a medium lens (70-200mm). He also utilizes other lenses when the moment calls for them, such as a mega lens or fish eye.

Above all, sports photography is a learning profession and takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice, whether it’s time, money, or effort. The determination to practice shooting photos every day and to concentrate on the right moments go a long way. Often, there are strange hours for work in this field and extensive travel for many days on end. It can be hard to find time with friends and family during segments of work, but the payoff is rewarding and worth it to the right photographer.

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