3 Tips for Photographing a Fashion Lookbook

Brands and designers create collections of photos whenever they release their latest line of fashion. These collections are known as lookbooks, and they’re used for advertising and promoting products. If you have a prospective client in need of a lookbook of their own, the following video from Mango Street has some tips just for you:

1. Vibe

“When done correctly, a lookbook should be apparent what age group and lifestyle the clothes are for.”

Lookbooks should have a cohesive look. The selection of models and their looks should be aligned with what the brand wants to communicate their target group. When choosing the theme for the lookbook, design it around the emotions and vibe that the client wants to convey.

vibe for lookbook photoshoot

2. Location

“Your location should reinforce your shoot without distracting from your subject.”

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • Where can you find the customers for this particular clothing line?
  • Where do the people in the target group spend most of their time?

Based on the answers, you can come up with locations that complement the subject and the product.

choosing a location for lookbook photoshoot

3. Details

With clothing line photos, focus on how the person wearing the clothes will appear and the quality and details on the clothing.

Full body shots will let potential customers visualize how they’ll look wearing the clothes. And to emphasize the details and quality of the products, you can take images that are up-close using tight focal lengths like 50mm, 85mm, or even 100mm.

“Make sure you get an array of tight, medium, and wide shots to tell the complete story of the product line and give your client options.”

details on lookbook images

Quick tip: If budget isn’t an issue, you can get higher quality results by hiring professionals to take care of hair, make-up, and styling.

Pay attention to these three simple tips, and you’ll have a lookbook that your clients will definitely fall in love with.

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