12 Stunning Examples of Digital Monochrome Photography

Black and white as a description may be considered a misnomer in that the images are not ordinarily starkly contrasted black and white but combine black and white in a continuum producing a range of shades of gray:

black and white

photo by rob castro

black and white

photo by Spencer Lunn

black and white

photo by digitalpimp.

black and white

photo by Casete

black and white

photo by Desh Kapur

black and white

photo by Trisha

Digital photography has very clearly changed the way we can shoot in black and white, and it is perfectly obvious that by far the most important practical difference between a sensor and film is that now you can have both color and monochrome from the same shot. There is no prior choice to be made, no decision to load black and white film rather than color film before setting out. So, why wouldn’t you try it?

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One response to “12 Stunning Examples of Digital Monochrome Photography”

  1. David Fowler says:

    I enjoyed your article about BW photography. I have a good friend in Tacloban,Philippines who does a spectacular job of monochrome street photography. Go to http://afternoonwalks.wordpress.com/ to see his blog and examples of his work.

    I am a retired photographer having been in the portrait studio and wedding photography business for nearly 40 years. I envy the work that my friend, Orlando Uy does on the streets of Tacloban.

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