11 Colorful Festivals in Photos

The festival season is about to start! So many things to enjoy—from music festivals, film festivals, ballooning and kite festivals to flowers, tattoos, and art. And every year the offer is getting bigger! See what we found: 

nara, candle, festival

photo by Travis Longmore at Nara Candle Festival

festival, roskilde

photo by Stig Nygaard at Roskilde Festival

coachella, festival

photo by Redfishingboat at Coachella

ferrara, busker, festival

photo by July Pastorello @Ferrara Busker Festival

tomorrowland, festival

photo by Global Stomping at Tomorrowland Festival

berkeley, kite, festival

photo by Micaela Go at Berkeley Kite Festival

holi, festival

photo by Chris Chabot at Holi Festival

burning, man, festival

photo by Global Stomping at Burning Man

sziget, festival

photo by Maël Racapé at Sziget Festival

future, music, festival

photo by Eva Rinaldi at Future Music Festival

balloon, festival

photo by Bob Jagendorf at New Jersey Festival of Ballooning

What plans do you have for summer? If you have some interesting shots from festivals, feel free to share in the comments below!

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One response to “11 Colorful Festivals in Photos”

  1. These are fun! I especially liked photo by Chris Chabot.

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