101 Portrait Lightroom Presets

Do you find yourself spending hours post-processing & editing your portraits photos? Or are you so intimidated by all the photo editing settings and possibilities that you just don’t even bother? Whether you’re new to Lightroom or a seasoned professional photographer, this new set of 101 portrait Lightroom presets from DPS & professional photographer Rachel Devine can save you hours of time post processing your photos and likely produce even better results. Found here: 101 Portrait Lightroom Presets

portrait presets

101 Portrait Lightroom Presets (Click to See How They Work)

The Portraits Lightroom Presets Pack can help you achieve the full potential from your portrait shots by accentuating mood and tonal qualities.

With 67 preset options and 36 brushes, you can quickly gain results that make your portraits truly pop.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Art Series (7 presets): Get the look from the early 1900’s through to the 90’s.
  • Black and White (10 presets): A variety of black and white presets to give you that b&w portrait look.
  • Film Series (8 presets): Nothing beats the authenticity of film. These presets will re-create that professional film feeling.
  • Fix (20 presets): Fix a range of of issues including contrast, grain, highlights and sharpness.
  • Tone (14 presets): Change an array of tonal qualities.
  • Traditional Series (8 presets): Tweaks to give your portraits that classic look. Including Beach, Outdoors, and Worn, amongst others.
  • Touch Up Kit: 37 brushes to help you touch up eyes, hair, lips and skin.
portrait tone

Preset example from the collection (more examples)

If you’ve used Lightroom presets before, then you’re probably aware of the huge benefits they provide when editing photos. Here’s what you can expect from these presets:

Workflow Efficiency

Speed up your post processing time by combining these presets with batch actions to process 100’s of photos at a time. Use them on both JPEG and RAW file formats and save yourself hours.

Creative Control

Tweak your pictures into original pieces of magic. Start with one of the portrait presets and make your own tweaks until you are fully satisfied that your picture conveys the exact message you’re after.


Apply presets to batches of images to make lighting adjustments consistent across all your session photos. Combining presets + batch processing not only makes processing fast, it ensures changes to your photos are consistent.


Not only does the 101 Landscape preset package save you time when working on large batches of photographs, it lets you catalogue huge volumes of work in an organised and readily accessible manner. It provides clean access to all images in their various states from preliminary edits to final, print-ready images.

vintage filter

Preset from the Art Series collection (see more)


Presets make it easy to apply professional colour changes to your images. Once you install the package into Lightroom, the preset panel sits on the left margin of the program. From here you can make every change necessary after viewing a preview from within the drop-down menu.

Found here: 101 Portrait Lightroom Presets

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