10 Valuable Photography Studio Tips

Many photographers know how to use their camera and their lights, but not all will know the ins and outs of working in a studio. There are several little things to know that will save you time and create a safe environment to work in. So whether you’re working as a studio assistant or you have a studio of your own, make sure you know these 10 helpful tricks:

Breakdown of the Ten Tips to Help in the Studio:

  1. Tab Your Gaff Tape – Gaff Tape is very popular among photographers and cinematographers. When you use the tape to keep cables from hanging or whatever other reason, make sure you fold the end over so that it can easily be removed during breakdown.
  2. Sandbag Your Stands – Sandbags are used on stands to keep them weighed down and stable. Always make sure you place sandbags towards the center of the light so that it is easy to move and won’t slide off.
  3. Rotate Stand to Lock Wheels – When you have stand with wheels, you want to lock them down after you have your stand in position. If the wheels are underneath the stand legs where you can’t reach them, simply rotate the column of the stand for easy access to the wheel locks.
  4. Set up Lights Properly – This refers to setting up the base of the light. Many light bases fold up so that they save space. When you’re unfolding these lights, fold them out so that the base is as wide as possible and the supports are parallel to the ground. This gives the light maximum stability.
  5. Use Clamps for Security – When you raise a light or other object, you can secure it with the built-in screw lock. But for extra precaution, it’s best to use another screw clap to hold it in place.
  6. Wear Closed-Toed Shoes – There are all kinds of things in a studio that you could easily run into, even if you’re being cautious. Never wear flip-flops or other open-toed shoes in a studio.
  7. Raise Light Stands from Top – Most lights have multiple columns to adjust the height. When raising the light, always start with the top column. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access them once you’ve raise the bottom one.
  8. Don’t Move Hot Lights – The modeling bulb in lights can be very fragile when hot so avoid moving the light until it cools down.
  9. Never Touch the Modeling Light with Bare Hands – When you touch the bulb with your hands, oil from your fingers will be left on the bulb and can create an uneven heating of the bulb which could potentially cause it to explode.
  10. Roll Up Your Cables Properly – This may sound really simple, but it can waste a lot of time if not done properly. The over and under method is the best way to roll cables. Doing it in this fashion keeps cord from getting tangled and allows you to quickly unravel a cable when it’s needed.

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One response to “10 Valuable Photography Studio Tips”

  1. Hazel Owens says:

    While I myself am not a professional photographer, this article is useful for those looking to use a photo studio’s surface because it tells us what to look for. Many of these things, like wearing close-toed shoes and properly rolling up cables, show the studio’s focus on safety, while others, like being careful with lights and making sure everything is stable, shows a level of professionalism that most people may not pick up on. I will definitely be looking at whether any photo studio I use follows these procedures.

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