Tips for Taking Photos from an Airplane

Have you ever looked out of the window of an airplane? Now you would wonder why I am asking this strange question. Have you looked out of an airplane window and remarked about the beauty. Have you ever wanted to capture those moments? Well now you can capture those memories. Here are a few tips for taking photos while on an airplane ride.

airplane photos

Photo by Neil Howard.

A common mistake that people make when taking shots from the camera is to put the lens of the camera right against the window pane of the airplane. We normally do this hoping that it will cut down on the reflections. People also do this to take a steady shot. Now, resting your camera on the window pane might help you to decrease the reflection but it will never help in taking a steady shot. If you rest the camera on window pane the camera will shake a lot more owing to the vibrations of the airplane.

If you are using a DSLR with a fitted lens, what you can do is attach a lens hood to the lens. This way you will get closer to the window without really touching it. This is the best strategy to take a beautiful picture. Now, use your free hand to cup the lens, this way you will be able to protect it from the reflections. Now the best way to take an aerial shot is to shoot from an open window from a proper altitude. But since most of us cannot do it, the next best option is to shoot from the window of an airplane.

bird's eye view photo

Photo by Mariusz Kluzniak; ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/2000-second exposure.

Below are five tips for taking photos from an airplane window:

1. When you plan to take a picture from the window of an airplane, switch your camera from the auto focus to the manual focus. The reason is that the camera gets confused when you are shooting through the glass. When you switch to the manual focus mode and lock the focus on the main focal point you will achieve better results.

2. Windows of the airplane will often ice up or get condensed when you are flying for a long period of time. Therefore, you must make it a point to shoot early. Your shots will be much clearer and better.

3. If you are looking for the aerial shots of the ground, there will be fewer opportunities when you would be able to do it. Therefore, the key is to be ready for those moments. These opportunities occur when the plane begins to bank off before landing or after taking off. You will get very few opportunities to capture these shots. Therefore, always be ready to shot at the right moment.

4. Always turn off the flash when you shoot from an airplane. The reason is that a flash will not be of any help. An in-built flash will only work for a few meters and will aggravate the problem of reflection.

iphone photography

Photo by Theodore Lee; iPhone 5s, ISO 32, f/2.2, 1/402-second exposure.

5. There are times when the scene outside the airplane is just breathtaking. These are the scenes that you will never want to miss. But after you have captured these scenes you would really feel that they do nothing to inspire you. When shooting from airplane look for a main subject that will bring light on your photograph.

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