Tips for Photography Sessions in Remote Locations

Shooting on location, as you may have already guessed, requires handling a lot of logistics. Experience in the business is a plus when you’re leading a team to such a production. As a matter of fact, a well conceived production, whether it’s big or small, shot on location or at a studio, requires thorough organization so that the whole thing runs according to plan.

To help you achieve that, photographer Jay P. Morgan—while on a job assignment to shoot a Warrior Princess in Vasquez Rocks (LA, California)—brings you a short tutorial, mostly based on lighting tips, for all of you who are about to go out for a shooting session. Take a careful look at the following video as Morgan describes how to successfully plan the shooting session, how to be prepared for the assignment and support a crew on location, as well as an explanation of the lighting and physical logistics of this particular shoot:

Soon enough, you’ll find the whole tutorial widely useful and filled with precious tips for shooting on location. Morgan answers what he claims to be key-questions for any shooting session on location:

  1. Where is the sun?
  2. How to power equipment
  3. Where is the bathroom?
  4. Directions
  5. Stage your equipment (base camp)
  6. Where does lunch come from?

Location shooting photography tips lighting tutorial

The equipment used is listed throughout the video as follows: Kessler CineSlider, Tamron Lens 24-70mmVanguard GH-200, Dynalight MP1600 + Battery Pack, Photoflex Octodome + Grid, Glidecam HD-200.

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