Tips for Managing Staff on a Big Photography Production

As a photographer, it is up to you to learn how to manage your team no matter how big or small it may be. On bigger productions, it becomes even more challenging because chances are you will be dealing with people you have never met before. Photographer Zach Sutton shares some tips on how he manages the other professionals on location:


Zach recommends keeping your team motivated and pumped for the coming production. This makes it less likely for them to quit or drop out at the last minute. Once they have already invested in the project, it can be easier to sustain their interest.

Meet Up Before the Shoot

Before the day of the actual photoshoot, try and arrange a meet-up with your team members. Zach met up with the model and stylist to avoid any issues with sizes and fit on the big day. It also gave him the opportunity to establish a personal connection with them from early on.

photography staff

Motivation is contagious when managing a photography crew

Be Professional

Remember to be professional at all times because people will reciprocate and treat you with the same amount of professionalism you show them.

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