Tips for Aspiring Photographers

When beginners see the finished product of a professional photo shoot, it’s easy to get intimidated. Viewing a polished piece and not seeing the same as soon as you press the shutter button can be disheartening. “Picture-perfect” doesn’t happen overnight – first, you have to understand what it takes to become a photographer.

Photographer Hayden Pedersen offers some fresh perspective on how to become successful with your camera. Though he doesn’t consider himself a “professional”, he discusses what led him to his first paid gigs and into full-time photo work.

What’s more (and most importantly, perhaps), Pedersen goes into how to translate the ideas in your head onto film. And, believe it or not, a lot of getting great involves embracing failure.

Take the time to hear about some of the most common mistakes beginners run into (and how to get around them). Learn about some of the best gear you can start out with. Whether technical or aesthetic, all of us struggle at the start. But being great isn’t just a matter of inherent talent. An open mind and some determination are all it takes to propel yourself towards success.

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