Timelapse Photography and Video Processing Techniques

In this amazing production, Mark Bramley uses his Canon 5D Mark II to capture life around Tokyo over a two day time span. “Lost in Tokyo” combines DSLR video footage and over 10,000 timelapse still photos to depict many different social settings around town, including shots taken in the subway and some visually stimulating imagery of the airport. Sort of a new way to document culture utilizing modern techniques and technology. Enjoy the short film here:

When gathering the footage Bramley used a combination of a tripod, hand-held shots, some where the camera was set on his camera bag, and even a moving subway car. “It’s a driver-less train, so I just sat the camera on the window ledge, no mounts or tripods needed. The lens has an image stabilizer and there was some additional stabilizing enabled in post.” Bramley further added, “The timelapse images were shot with a tripod but the the video scenes (non-timelapse) were just handheld. Some of the video scenes were done by resting the camera on my camera bag.”

Lost in Tokyo

For Further Training on Timelapse Photography

Check out this COMPLETE guide (146 pages) to shooting, processing, and rendering timelapses using a DSLR camera. It can be found here: Time-lapse Photography Guide

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