This Timelapse of Melting Ice Cream is Strangely Beautiful

Have you ever wondered what melting ice cream looks like in slow motion? Probably not. The cold creamy substance is best in its frozen state, and we try so desperately to keep it that way before it turns into a soupy mess, either in our bowl or down our arms. But through the wonders of timelapse you can experience the oozing art-like glory of melted ice cream, sans hand towel and stain remover:

Timelapse has a way of making just about anything beautiful. Perhaps it’s in being able to watch life go by a little slower; a longer moment to observe and appreciate the changes. Whatever the reason, we can now experience melted ice cream in a whole new way. (Via PetaPixel)

melted ice cream timelapse
melted ice cream timelapse
What do you think of this timelapse?

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