The Work of a Professional Dog Photographer

It’s no surprise that many people have a special place in their hearts for their furry canine friends. However, Boston based photographer Kaylee Greer has taken that love and created an entire career out of capturing vivid imagery of these four-legged companions in a unique and extraordinary way. This amazing form of photography has sparked worldwide interest, and more and more people are choosing to celebrate their love for their dogs through photography:

Greer has been in the dog photography business for over five years and captures her images using a Canon 1DX and a Canon 5D Mark III. Her underwater images are captured using the Mark III, with an Ikelike underwater housing. But, unlike many other photographers, all of her images are captured on-location using strobes and other accessories (e.g. large soft box).

To create the striking backgrounds, Greer intentionally underexposes the background to create a more saturated sky, then she adds light in to ensure the dog is properly exposed. In order to exaggerate her scenes or angles even more, she opts for an extremely wide angled lens. While each of these aspects helps to create the images, the most important aspect to being a dog photographer is patience.

Often times, the dogs will not cooperate exactly how you want them to, when you want them to do it. You just have to stick with it and hope for the best. For instance, during her balloon shoot the dog was frightened of the balloons. After an hour and half of trying to get the dog to pose, she finally decided to call it quits. Fortunately, as they were getting ready to pack up, the dog took an interest in the tennis ball used to weigh down the balloons, and the rest is history.

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