The Unspoken Truth About Camera Tests

Do you get so excited about your newest piece of gear that you feel like taking it on immediate test runs with the best talent you can find? You finally manage to convince someone, and during the whole shoot you can’t help but extol your new camera’s many virtues. Ever wonder what your subject might be thinking as they bear with you through the whole ordeal? Well, new media designer Jon Cole has some perspective on the matter:

In addition to being hilarious (and most likely quite accurate), Cole also manages to put the Sony FS7 (with a  Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens) through its paces, showing off its ability to capture skin tones, lighting, and seamless slow motion.

Testing Your Camera

“He better not make me go outside.”

In the end, he nails both the camera coverage and the agony many of our friends and family members go through—spot on. What do you think?

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