The Thing That Matters in Photography

Nobody is born as a photographer. Everyone has to start somewhere. Some are hobbyists, some enthusiasts, and some professionals. So, at what point does a person get to call themselves a photographer? There’s certainly no demarcation to decide whether or not somebody is to be called a photographer. This can cause a kind of existential crisis for beginner photographers leading to low confidence. In this video, photographer Andrew talks about what matters the most in the journey towards becoming a photographer:

There’s no landmark that you need to cross or achievement you must’ve completed to be called a photographer. To be a photographer is to have a good understanding of the gear that you’re using, and to have the ability to use it to create good looking images. And in order to create good looking images, it means that you need to have a good understanding of light and composition.

“In a new photographer’s  journey, at some point, they decide for themselves that they are a photographer.”

So, once you start believing in yourself and your work, and feel that your work is at a good enough level, you slowly start stepping into the zone where you can confidently start calling yourself a photographer. Nobody will hand you a certificate stating that you’re a photographer.

Developing such confidence is important as it will reflect in the behavior that you show when taking photos. Having such a belief will get you to be more involved when taking photos. And this will ultimately improve your chances of taking better photos.

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