Terrifying Stop-Motion Video of Ferrofluid in a Bubble Bath

Don’t watch this if you’re getting ready for bed. There’s nothing outwardly scary about it, but it’s definitely unnerving: a jet-black magnet creeps up from beneath a layer of bubbles, attracting a mysterious inky black liquid that snakes around the bubbles until it gets close enough for the water to get blotched blood-red. Then it ends. Truly, that description can do little justice to the two-minute video in question:

Shot with a Nikon D90 by experimental photographer Kim Pimmel, who also composed the heavy techno-score, the video (via PetaPixel) is a freaky outpouring of senses and emotion. Pimmel made it by pouring ferrofluid, a light magnetic liquid, on top of meticulously-crafted bubbles, and shot nearly 400,000 frames to create the final product.

It’s undeniably a cool video, even if it seems strikingly nightmarish.

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