Tack Sharp Photography Guide on How to Nail Focus

You’d be surprised to know just how much actually goes in to getting consistently sharp images. It isn’t rocket science or physics or anything like that but there are definitely techniques and processes involved that the majority of photographers probably don’t know about.

sharp photo guide

Tack Sharp Photography Guide

This is a step by step guide designed for any photographer who has ever struggled with getting sharp images.

It can be found here: Tack Sharp Photography Guide

Focus is one of the most important parts to a good image, right along with composition and exposure. Combine all three of these and you’re sure to have an incredible image. Take any one of these out of the equation and you’re well on your way to having a new file in your ‘trash’ bin.

While the first part of the book is geared towards beginners, things get somewhat advanced toward the end and will cover topics that some of you may not know about. The secret to a sharp image isn’t just one thing, it’s an entire process and every situation is different.

Some of the Many Topics Covered (45 Pages):

  • Foundations in Focus
  • Do Lenses Really Matter?
  • Hand-holding Camera Techniques
  • What to Look for in a Tripod
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Using a Self-Timer or Remote
  • Live View and Manual Focus
  • Back Button (AF-ON) Focus
  • Servo Focusing
  • Single Point AF
  • The Focus Trifecta
  • Infinite Focus
  • Depth of Field Preview
  • Focus-Recompose and Why it Fails
  • Case Studies

This was written for anyone who has ever struggled with getting crisp images in various situations. Maybe you recently purchased a fast lens, but can’t figure out why the camera keeps focusing on the wrong part of the subject. Or perhaps you feel as if you’re doing everything right but still come out with slightly soft images. This process can be extremely frustrating and hard to deal with.

tack sharp book pages

Pages from Tack Sharp

Within the pages of this ebook, you’ll discover the tips and tricks used by the pros to take full control over the advanced systems of focus within today’s digital camera systems. Along the way you’ll see actual examples of images where these practices were put in place, often times in situations where focus would have been next to impossible to achieve otherwise. If you struggle with getting consistently sharp images, this guide can help.

“My hope is that if you have ever struggled with getting consistently sharp images, that this book will completely revolutionize your ability as a photographer. These tips aren’t rocket science, and they can be found in any owner’s manual on any camera. The problem is, most of us don’t ever open that big and bulky manual. They aren’t all that intuitive, and nothing is really spelled out. There are a laundry list of techniques and tricks that the pros use daily to get sharp images on purpose, and that’s what this ebook sets out to uncover.” -James Brandon

How to get a copy:

The guide comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablet computers.

It can be found here: Tack Sharp – A Step by Step Guide to Nailing Focus

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