Street Photography Documentary

In this three part video series, filmmaker, Chris Weeks, and a team of his friends explore the lives of a handful of street photographers in hopes to shed a little light onto the methodology behind the popular photography genre. The use of a rangefinder, primarily the Leica M9, plays a heavy factor in the filmmakers opinions of what makes a street photographer, which has caused some debate; still, it’s hard to deny the camera’s exceptional quality. Watch the three-part documentary below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

In case you didn’t have time to watch all three parts, here is a sampling of what you missed:

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“Don’t worry about doing what you have to do to make a photo. Don’t listen to your inner dialog, listen to your gut. Don’t be stupid, but get the photo.”

For Further Training on Street Photography:

Check out his new 141 page eBook cover everything about the genre even down to specific post processing techniques that can bring the best out of street scenes:

It can be found here: Essentials of Street Photography Guide

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