Amazing Selective Color Timelapse Photography in Dubai

Presenting a city of sci-fi surrealism splashed with shades of neon orange, yellow, green, and blue, Richard Bentley‘s “Not Any Colour” is not your typical timelapse project. Featuring the already-impressive city of Dubai, the following nighttime timelapse sequence has been intricately edited with an unusual color selection technique that has resulted in a compelling contrast of darkness and bright pops of color. See the effect for yourself below:

Bentley used a Canon 5D Mark II with a Manfrotto tripod to capture his images, editing with LRTimelapse, After Effects, and Lightroom. According to Bentley, the color selection process was completed in Lightroom with paintstaking attention to detail:

The shots were all graded in Adobe Lightroom, not just ‘selective colour’, but I had to paint out colour around the edges of buildings and remove the colours in the areas which were left….

View some of the outstanding still shots that made it into the video below:

selective color timelapse photography

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