Proof That It’s the Photographer—Not the Camera—That Makes Great Photos

What does a pro photographer need to make beautiful images? Great camera gear, expensive accessories, and maybe a spectacular location, right? Actually, that couldn’t be any more wrong. They simply need ample creativity, oodles of patience, and the cheapest camera that they can get their hands on:

This edition of DigitalRev’s Cheap Camera Challenge saw fine art photographer Harold de Puymorin scrounging the streets of Hong Kong for suitable locations, armed only with a Vivitar Vivicam 3188. But wait, isn’t that a 3.1 megapixel camera? Yes, it is!

Limited resolution wasn’t Puymorin’s only handicap. The camera’s SD card slot was broken, meaning he could only shoot about 14 images before the built-in memory filled up. Additionally, the LCD screen was “barely larger than a postage stamp.” How about that? Some of the locations that he shot in were a bit claustrophobic and bland, to say the least. Yet he came up with some very interesting images.

post producing your images

Harold de Puymorin cheap camera chalenge

Creativity is not limited by the gear you use and certainly not by your location. Puymorin’s images reveal his imagination and his ability to envision his final photos. Of course, post-processing was used in some of the shots. But this is still a great look into the mind of a fine art photographer—and an eye-opener for all who think that better cameras will make them better photographers.

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