Practical Guide to Landscape Photography Gear

We often come across photographers asking each other about gear. And while it’s a cliche to point out that gear doesn’t make photographers great, we shouldn’t disregard technology entirely—as it constantly changes, we owe it to ourselves to stay updated. For instance, with video becoming more important, camera specs have changed significantly. In today’s video, we have landscape photographer Mads Peter Iversen talking about his super-practical landscape photography and blogging gear setup. If you’re someone who loves documenting nature, you’ll be interested in hearing what he has to share:

Iversen starts off by detailing the gear he uses for his landscape vlogging adventures. He not only talks about the camera, but also rightly emphasizes the need for a superior audio system. You’ll be surprised to see how compact yet effective his setup for vlogging really is.

His photography kit is similarly light as well. While most of us have a bad habit of walking around with tons of weight, less is often more. It’s physically easier and simplifies your process in the field: when you have fewer options to choose from, you waste less time deciding what gear to use.

Be sure to watch the complete video, as Iversen talks about tripods, drones, cameras, lenses and filters that are best suited for landscape photography. They are very practical and lightweight. If you are looking for landscape gear advice, you’ll find the video quite informative.

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