Photography Project Illustrates the Bond Between Homeless People and Their Pets

Norah Levine has been working on an interesting photo project that illustrates a side of poverty that we don’t always see: the relationships that are formed between people who are homeless and their pets. The project, which she calls Lifelines, started in Austin, Texas. Listen to her moving story:

The project was founded by Levine and Gabrielle Amster in support of 4Paws, a program that provides certain cost-free vet services to animals of people without homes in central Texas. Together, Levine and Amster have amassed a portfolio of gripping images. (Via PetaPixel)

pet photography

“When I heard about the 4Paws program I just thought ‘This is a project for me.’ If I have the ability to make somebody think for just one second that there is a what I believe to be a universal bond between human and animals and it doesn’t really matter what the situation is that love is still there and it’s important and it’s valid.”

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