Interesting Photo of the Day: Young Cheetah Photographed in Mid-Sprint

Famous for their title of fastest land mammal, these spotted cats can run up to 70mph. High speed cameras have helped scientists understand how the cheetah runs and the reasons it can run so fast. The photo below is not one for scientific purposes, but rather one that shows the beauty of the cheetah, even at a young age captured by Marion Vollborn. The look of determination in this little cheetah’s eyes is what really sets the tone for this image:

young cheetah running

Baby Cheetah Running (Via Imgur, Click to See Full Size)

The main reason this image is so eye-catching is that the photographer has carefully isolated the subject through different means. One is the minimalism provided by the lack of a detailed background and the simple color palette. The other way the subject is isolated is through the narrow depth-of-field. You can see that both the foreground and background are out of focus, leaving the subject nice and sharp. It appears that the photographer has also blurred the left side of the image to put even more emphasis on the cheetah.

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