Interesting Photo of the Day: Winter Hut

Challenging weather conditions make for one of the best conditions for taking dramatic photographs. The experience may not be a pleasant one in the short run, but at the end of the day, if the images come out great, you’ll realize that the effort was really worth it. The conditions in which photographer Paul Killeen took the following image seems to be a tough one, yet the image does justice to the effort that he must have put in:

“A Hut in Isolation” by Paul Killeen (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

When you first look at the image, the blizzard and the snowy conditions are sure to give you some winter chills. But then, there’s the red hut in the center that imparts a feeling of warmth and hope in the middle of nowhere.

Visually, the hut is a talking point thanks to the contrast. The contrast of the red hut against the grey and white environment makes it pop beautifully. And since there’s nothing that we can see around it, this conveys a message of isolation, or should we say desolation.

“The weather helped in separating the hut from the mountains in the background. Because of the blizzard, I was able to shoot it looking like it was completely on its own.”

Would you dare to take your camera out and walk around in such conditions?

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