Interesting Photo of the Day: Using Quadcopters to Fly People, Not Cameras

How many people are out there attaching cameras to quadcopters and sending them up into the air to explore the world from above? This is a great way to really get a bird’s eye view without having to wait for a chance to go up in an airplane, helicopter, hot-air balloon, glider, or whatever else will get you flying. But, a few years ago, a bunch of people got together to build an electric multicopter that can actually lift a person—leave the camera at home folks, and get the view yourself:

quadcopters lift human

World’s First Manned Flight with an Electric Multicopter (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

Back in 2011, Thomas Senkel of e-volo and his team created volocopter VC1, a piloted electric multicopter. One fine October day, they took it out for its first test flight:

This is certainly only the beginning for creative uses of quadcopters. What other innovative ideas have you seen?

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