Interesting Photo of the Day: Umbrella Patterns

Many photographers tend to wait out for the perfect conditions to go out and shoot. But street photos come to life when it rains. The puddles, the reflections, the umbrellas, and the rush of people add a sense of excitement. Photographer Chelsea London was at the Roman Amphitheater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria when a downpour started. And she made the best use of the few minutes to capture this beautiful image:

umbrellas at the theater

“Umbrellas At The Theatre” by Chelsea London (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

This image is a classic example of how effective use of simple principles can make for the best photographs. By capturing the erratic patterns of the umbrellas, London has created this captivating image. One interesting aspect of this image is how the umbrella with the Union Jack design has managed to stand out. The manner in which the umbrella is being held and the way light has fallen on it has made it quite distinctive.

“The Union Jack umbrella is being held a bit higher than the others which caught it in a flood light, hence looking brighter. I framed it in a way so that the other umbrellas would cause a sort of recursive wave up to it, as the focal point.”

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