Interesting Photo of the Day: Taxi Panning in Hong Kong

Panning is a technique wherein the photographer tracks a moving subject while using a slower shutter speed. The concept of moving the camera while using slower shutter speed may sound surprising to beginners, and that’s exactly what makes this technique a challenge. The following image of a taxi in Hong Kong by photographer Nathan Ackley is an excellent example of a well-executed panning shot:

panning shot of a taxi in hong kong

“Panning Shot of a Taxi in Hong Kong” by Nathan Ackley (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

One surprising thing about the photo is how the photographer managed to take it when the road was so clear. While the photographer believes that it was luck, I believe it was his persistence that paid off. He waited around one and a half hours to take this shot.

The photographer took this image handheld at a 16mm focal length and later did a tight crop. There is a little Photoshop involved, too. He smoothed out the lines of the lights and straightened them in post. He also exaggerated the blur to fill the frame.

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