Interesting Photo of the Day: Surprise Wedding Guests

Unexpected wedding guests usually aren’t a good thing . . . except in the case of photographer Ian Christmann‘s recent wedding shoot for clients Lauren and Erick. At the couple’s backyard ceremony, some uninvited guests showed up, but instead of a Wedding Crashers situation, this scene was more reminiscent of Bambi:

surprise wedding photo deer

“Deerly Beloved” captured by Ian Christmann (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

That’s right; a herd of curious wild deer emerged from the woods bordering the wedding location and Christmann, sensing a prime photo opportunity, interrupted the newlyweds’ dinner to snap the memorable shot without scaring off the deer.

“A couple of people have asked if it was photoshopped and the answer is  ‘nope.’ It’s a straight out of the camera capture apart from some dodging and burning and coloring in post.”

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