Interesting Photo of the Day: Stunning Double Rainbow Over a Field of Wildflowers

Sometimes, a photographer is lucky enough to be in just the right place at just the right time to capture a once-in-a-lifetime shot. In that respect, professional landscape photographer Marc Adamus is extraordinarily lucky:

rainbow landscape photography

“Spring Showers” by Marc Adamus (Via 500px. Click image to see full size.)

Adamus’s portfolio is full of striking, almost otherworldy landscapes like the one above—a perfectly framed combination of sunrise and double rainbow in the background, gnarled, lonely tree in the middle ground, and a splash of complementary-colored wildflowers in the foreground.

Adamus describes his own photographic style as:

“…one best defined by bold, dramatic imagery that stems from my love of unusual weather and getting far off the beaten path.”

As something of a nomad, Adamus travels the world in pursuit of more locations that are off the beaten path. This particular photo was taken in Columbia Hills, Washington.

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3 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Stunning Double Rainbow Over a Field of Wildflowers”

  1. says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  2. Wally says:

    The contrast in vegetation from the foreground to the background is causing me to question whether this is a one-frame photo. Don’t get me wrong, the end result is beautiful, but saying it’s a once-in-a-lifetime photo may be misleading if it’s really a composite. Just wondering.

  3. Richard Bauman says:

    A captivating but unusual photo. It’s unusual in that the double rainbow, on the left of the main rainbow, appears to have the order of colors reversed, which is normal. On the right side of the image, the order of colors appear to match the main rainbow. Fascinating.

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