Interesting Photo of the Day: Pair of Dogs Present Shared Treasure

When it comes to photographing pets, the sky is the limit. If they can sit still long enough, you can dress them up in bows, hats and tiny clothes, and organize a mini photoshoot, but there’s nothing like capturing our furry pals in a more natural setting. Doing what they love and are born to do ensures wide toothy smiles just screaming for a photo such as this one:

Pair of Pooches Present Stick to Owner (Via Imgur)

Entitled A Shared Treasure, the photo is an excellent reminder of the simple moments that we may sometimes overlook. For these two, finding a stick and presenting it to their owners in the hopes of a treat or a pat on the head resulted in a priceless moment captured on film. I’m guessing it’s also the product of good timing because I can’t imagine them sitting still too long before eventually wrestling for ownership of their prize!

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