Interesting Photo of the Day: Nature’s Heart in New Caledonia

Mother Nature sends her love. Named for the village nearby, the Heart of Voh is a natural heart formation within the tangled mangroves of Grande Terre, New Caledonia. Voh is now known for its spectacular aquaculture, but it was once a French coffee plantation community:

A natural heart formation in the mangroves of New Caledonia. (Via Imgur. Click to view full size.)

Captain Cook discovered the island paradise in 1774, and 80 years later the French claimed it as their own. Grande Terre, or “Le Caillou” as the locals call it, is a mecca for nature lovers wanting to experience a predominantly untouched South Pacific island. Resorts and built-up tourist sites are few and far between, but travelers can enjoy exquisitely serene beaches, coral reef scuba diving, and remote wilderness.

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