Interesting Photo of the Day: A Morning in Reflection Canyon

Are you looking for a new challenge in your photography? How about a road trip? There are certain locations that you may recognize in photographs from publications such as National Geographic, or perhaps a desktop screen saver. Shown here, you can see part of Lake Powell at sunrise:

drone photography nature national park landscape sunrise

“An amazing scene to wake up to at Reflection Canyon” by Gary Cummins (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Toronto photographer Gary Cummins put himself in a position to capture this stunning landscape at Reflection Canyon in Kane County, Utah. This particular setting has been valued by photographers, hikers, and explorers for years. Reaching this point requires 8 to 9 miles of hiking, some of it off-trail. Therefore, it is not easily accessible to everyday tourists. If you’re experienced and up for the challenge, you’ll definitely enjoy a sunrise such as this one without having to worry about being crowded around other people trying to snap a shot.

The warm sun tones blend nicely into the sky and sandstone cliffs. From this angle, it is evident that Cummins used a drone to photograph the entire scene. Below this, you can see the sliver of the cliff that hikers pitch their tents on in order to wake up with this view.

This picture does a great job of showing the history contained in the canyon, as well. You can see the white border above the water marking the level of water that used to be there.

The photographer’s timing and attention to color and light sets the perfect scene for an elusive, beautiful landscape shot. Great work!

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