Interesting Photo of the Day: Lightning Storm at Sunset

If there were ever to be just one image representing an epic battle between good and evil, this one just might be it. Justin Sharick captured this image of an oncoming storm while travelling with his co-worker:

stunning image of an impending storm

Good and Evil Meet (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

What was intended to be a timelapse sequence of an oncoming storm turned out to be a collection of scintillating images of an impending storm. These can easily be tagged ‘epic’. They seem to represent a fight between the forces of good and evil, with more than two thirds of the frame overshadowed by ominous dark clouds and lightning.

The front hood of the truck might appear to be distracting for some viewers. But it seems to add to a sense of apocalyptic fervor to the whole image. Two people, travelling the post-apocalyptic world in a worn-out truck are about to witness the ultimate show-down between good and evil.

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