Interesting Photo of the Day: Italy’s Mystical Dolomites

The Dolomites, found in Italy’s northern Alps, are 18 mind-boggling peaks of vertical rock walls, steeples, densely packed valleys and hidden fossils that evidence Mesozoic systems from 250 million years ago, protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. Prone to landslides and floods, the Dolomites are no strangers to tempestuous weather; with a little patience, German photographer Franz Schumacher captured a lightning storm there to fantastic effect:


Lightning Striking Behind Italy’s Dolomites. (Via 1x. Click for larger size.)

It’s a remarkable shot that’s truly all in the timing. The lighting is perfectly balanced and the golden foreground contrasts the deep stormy blues wonderfully. To catch the moment, Schumacher likely either used a multiple exposure blend, a natural density filter combined with a long exposure, or a lightning trigger; none of these techniques are very difficult to pull off, especially if you already own the gear. But finding the right location and framing the shot perfectly are what count: that’s how you get a stunning example of dramatic landscape photography.

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