Interesting Photo of the Day: Frog Eggs & Flowers in a Puddle

Art can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. And some people have the ability to create art out of just about anything. The following photo of some frog eggs and flowers in a puddle by Anastasia is a prime example:

frog eggs and flowers in a puddle

“Frog Eggs and Flowers in a Puddle” by Anastasia (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Some viewers argue that the photograph looks like a painting, and rightly so.

Anastasia took this image after she saw the eggs in a puddle. She picked a few flowers and the leaf and allowed them to drift on the water. The arrangement in this image is all natural and looks so perfect. And the editing is minimal, as well.

Who knew you could make art out of a dirty puddle?

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