Interesting Photo of the Day: Emerald Lake Lodge in Winter

Located in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada, Emerald Lake is one of the park’s premier tourist attractions. If you’re visiting the lake, you’re most likely to stay over at Emerald Lake Lodge, a high-end lodge perched on the edge of the lake. And if you want to witness the lake in full glory, you’ll want to visit it in July when the vivid turquoise color of the water is the most prominent. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s anything less than beautiful at other times of the year. Due to the high altitude, the area receives ample snowfall, and the place appears no less than a wonderland. For instance, have a look at the following image of the area taken by photographer Carter Baran:

“Emerald Lake Lodge in Winter” by Carter Baran (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

It’s truly beautiful how Baran has captured the essence of the place. The snowy conditions and the mountain in the background may make you feel cold at the sight of them. The cabin on the other hand sits there on the lap of the mountain as a sign of hope – a place where you can expect to keep yourself warm by the fire sipping some hot drink.

Interestingly, the cabin stands out from the surroundings not only in terms of the experience but the contrast in color, which is also spectacular. It’s almost like the cabin is the only thing colorful – everything else is a shade of grey and white. Also, its reflection on the water in the foreground is a nice touch. The symmetry makes the image so soothing to look at.

You’d be surprised to know that those cabins have no TV or phones – just a fireplace and lovely, rustic atmosphere. It definitely looks like a cozy escape from the world and the hustles in our busy life. Wouldn’t you love to take a break here?

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