Interesting Photo of the Day: Eagle Eye

Mother nature is undoubtedly an incredible designer. Her work can be incredibly complex yet overwhelmingly beautiful. Take for instance the following image of an eagle’s eye by photographer Ronny Sandro Degiacomi. Here you can see how detailed and complex the eye of the bald eagle really is. And the fun part is, you can make out the expression of the majestic bird just by looking at this one eye:

eye of a bald eagle

“Captivating Eye of a Bald Eagle” by Ronny Sandro Degiacomi (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Degiacomi shot the image with a Sony A7RIII and 100-400 GM lens at a breeding rescue center. The amount of detail he’s been able to capture here is just phenomenal.

What’s really amazing is how the brightly lit iris of the bird is immediately followed by the pitch-black pupil. This contrasting combination immediately draws the viewer’s attention and keeps a hold of it. As well, there are the fantastic details on the feathers and the beak, which make us appreciate this beautiful predator. By the way, did you know that the eagle’s eye is among the sharpest in the animal kingdom?

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