Interesting Photo of the Day: Curious Polar Bear Wants to Get A Little Closer

If a group of polar bears is approaching you with a look of curiosity, it’s only natural to start taking photographs of them, right? I mean, look how cuddly and cute they seem. Like puppies, only bigger–a lot bigger with sharper claws and more powerful jaws. Okay, on second thought, maybe they aren’t quite as cuddly as a puppy:

“Bernard Spit Polar Bear” (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

While the thought of polar bears converging near them would send most photographers into retreat mode (this photographer included) the shutterbug responsible for taking the image you see above was brave enough to capture a few shots of the animals before scampering off to safety. Sticking it out to take photos of these magnificent yet dangerous animals is perhaps taking it a little too far in terms of safety, but looking at the photo, it’s also sort of easy to see how a photographer could be enamored enough to put his life on the line all for the sake of “getting the shot.”

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