Interesting Photo of the Day: Bald Eagle In Pursuit of a Great Blue Heron

All photographers hope to capture a once in a lifetime moment whether it be photographing people or nature. In the photo below, Owen Deutsch, was clearly in the right place at the right time. He was able to capture an incredibly rare moment as a Bald Eagle chased off a Great Blue Heron in an effort to protect the eggs that were resting in the eagle’s nest. The photo was taken in Fox Lake, Illinois:

Bald Eagle Gives Chase to Great Blue Heron

In an interview with National Geographic, where this same photo made its Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of The Week, Deutsch says,

“This Bald Eagle was chasing the Great Blue Heron away from the eggs in her nest. It wasn’t trying to kill the Heron or she would have done so long before this once in a lifetime shot was captured.”

Deutsch got his start in professional photography working as a fashion photographer, which he did for twenty years. After a hiatus from photography to pursue other goals, he made his return to photography, this time working as a bird and wildlife photographer.

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