Interesting Photo of the Day: Abandoned President Heads

When businesses are conceived, nobody can guarantee their success. That’s equally true even when presidents are involved. We’re talking about the Presidents Park in Williamsburg, Virginia that closed down in 2010 when the recession hit. When a new business was given the approval to start in the park’s location, Howard Hankins rescued the 43 enormous busts and put them up near his farm. Sadly, they’ve started to slowly crumble. Photographer Katie took the following photo when she visited the venue and it’s pretty spooky to say the least:

“Abandoned President Heads” by Katie (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

It’s really sad to see something this deteriorated when they used to be spotless and well maintained at some point. In a way, it also makes a point that everything is vulnerable to the effects of time. And the cracked layers on busts are a testament to this.

The condition in which Katie has taken the image adds to the sense of abandonment. Judging by the surrounding areas and the shadows, it seems like she chose to take the image at night under the moonlight. And with the clouds mimicking the flat brown colors of the ground, the image has a very pale yet spooky mood.

Would you dare to visit this place alone at night?

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