What Are the Chances of Capturing Fireworks & Lightning in the Same Shot?

If you’ve dabbled in photography, you know how hard it is to get the perfect shot. Sure, you’ve read tutorials, carefully researched equipment upgrades, practiced and prepared. Nevertheless, luck is still crucial for capturing a magic moment.

For special situations, like lightning or fireworks, lady luck plays a bigger role in getting a decent shot. How do you know when lightning will strike?  Or where the next firework will explode?

So imagine the excitement photographer Jason Smith felt after capturing these two elusive subjects together in a single exposure:

lightning and fireworks photographed together.

Once in a lifetime shot of lightning and fireworks (click to see larger size, imgur)

This shot is explosively good and electrifyingly inspiring! (Pun intended) What are the chances, really?

There are many elements that make this photo great. The bolt of lightning and firework are cleanly captured and perfectly overlaid. The composition of the shot is excellent too. The silhouette of the trees in the foreground hug the sphere of the firework. Together with fade to black above, the framing is ideal.

It’s a once in a lifetime shot that even the photographer admitted to in adding this caption to the photo:

“One of the best pictures I will ever take…”

Indeed, the photo inspires awe. It’s a lesson to all photographers that sometimes it pays to stay up all night. Who knows, you might get lucky.

For further training here are some fireworks photography tips and how to photograph lightning.

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2 responses to “What Are the Chances of Capturing Fireworks & Lightning in the Same Shot?”

  1. CLK says:

    Looking closely there is a smilie face in there too. It is truly a great picture.

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