Watch Our Earth Breathe Through the Seasons: Stunning Satellite Image Compilation

It’s easy to take earth for granted at times; we often forget that it is made up of living things. However, the pair of GIF images below are breathtaking examples of just how alive our planet is. According to the maker, the images portray the heartbeat of earth. Others have described the animations as the earth breathing. Take a look for yourself to see how the images speak to you:

“I, of course, had some expectation of what I would see as a result of animating these frames, but I didn’t expect to be so mesmerized by them. I can’t look away.”

The GIFs were created by John Nelson, a Michigan native, and are comprised entirely of images taken from the NASA Visible Earth’s Blue Marble Next Generation collection of photographs. The Blue Earth images are cloud-free images taken from an orbiting satellite. Nelson took the images to great creative effect by wrapping them into a traditional globe shaped layout and creating an animation from them.

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2 responses to “Watch Our Earth Breathe Through the Seasons: Stunning Satellite Image Compilation”

  1. lagunamary says:

    to bad the sequence isn’t a bit slower, more like breathing…it would be so relaxing to watch

  2. Jen B says:

    I, too, would like to see it slowed down… or able to “pause” on a certain month. It would make it more educational for my kids, lol. And hey, it would just look that much cooler ;)

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