Virtual Photowalks

Here is a heartwarming story about photographers reaching out to help their community by sharing what they love to do with others who may not be so fortunate. The idea was simple, John Butterill enjoyed going on photo walks and thought that other photographers might enjoy joining him so he mounted his iPhone to his DSLR and created a Google+ hangout where anyone could virtually walk with him. In the beginning, Butterill expected a mere 5-10 participants, but when a bed-ridden woman suffering from MS began participating in the hangouts, the project took an unexpected turn for the better. Butterill realized that his virtual photo walks had the potential to offer relief to thousands of people physically unable to go on photo walks of their own. Word of Butterill’s hangouts spread and before he knew it, photographers from all over the world were asking him how they help the project grow. Have a look at the story below.

If you are interested in learning more about the project, head over to Google+– you can find PictureCorrect’s page here–and add Butterill to your circles. The project is continues to be active and, in fact, is growing everyday. In the photo below, you can see the simple setup Butterill uses to share his experiences with the world.

google+ photowalk

“For a few brief moments, she wasn’t going to be in that bed. She was going to experience her own momentary escape. She was on a virtual photo walk.”

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