Timelapse of the Photography Captured by the Curiosity Rover: First Year on Mars

The aptly named Curiosity is NASA’s land rover machine built to explore the surface of Mars and conduct research. In this video, a series of 548 images have been put together to give you a view of Curiosity’s first year on the martian planet:

Curiosity was sent to the Gale Crater on Mars to learn several things. First off, Curiosity has investigated the geology and climate conditions of the planet. As part of this, it has also been geared to research whether life was ever hospitable on the planet’s surface. This includes finding out whether Mars ever held water, and, if so, what happened to it. Curiosity is also working to determine if future planet habitability is possible. In the video, you can see Curiosity taking soil samples for research.

mars curiosity nasa land rover spce

Curiosity digging into the surface of Mars

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