Timelapse of an Empty Seattle

The third installment of the empty city series from timelapse creator Ross Ching explores Seattle. Taking his camera to the streets of the Emerald City, Ching collected thousands of still photographs to create the three-minute long clip. The virtual tour of the city makes stops at many of its famous landmarks, but they’re shown in a very unusual way–entirely free of people:

To create the mysterious effect of a voided city, Ching painstakingly worked in Photoshop and After Effects for many hours, hand editing all the people from each scene using multiple layers made from multiple photographs.

stop motion photography

The amount of time required to make just one of these videos is pretty incredible. As you can imagine, creating an entire series using these techniques must become a true labor of love at some point.

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2 responses to “Timelapse of an Empty Seattle”

  1. ernaldo says:

    Just how I like to see cities….LOL

  2. Rantive Mike says:

    Mind=blown. Much respect; amazing work.

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