This 4-Year-Old is Completely Heartbroken After Accidentally Deleting a Photo

If you’re anything like me, at some point you’ve made the mistake of formatting a memory card full of great photos that you thought you’d already uploaded. Or lost the memory card altogether. And you’ve felt the devastation the little girl in the video below expresses after accidentally deleting one of her favorite pictures:

Four-year-old Cadence was playing with her brother’s camera when she inadvertently erased a photo of her Uncle Dave. Forever.


“Your picture went away…forever.”

Surely, you’ve known her heartbreak.

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4 responses to “This 4-Year-Old is Completely Heartbroken After Accidentally Deleting a Photo”

  1. Michal says:

    What kind of an a**hole do you have to be to post an image of a child who is obviously shattered? Think before you post.

  2. Roger Goodman says:

    Sounds like he hasn’t heard of data recovery. That photo should have been easy to get back.

  3. jun domingo says:

    Why not try “recuva”

  4. Edwin says:

    I have seen instructions on how to recover “deleted” photos from a memory card, if it has not been formatted. I think this was what it was, anyway. I’ll see if I can find the information. It would definitely be a good thing to know.

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