Stock Photography Supermodel

He’s probably one of the most recognizable people you’ve never heard of. The face of countless stock images, yet a name that means little to most people. Jesper Bruun is “the world’s most downloaded man.” In this short video, Brazilian photographer Fernando Martins tracks down the man behind a million pictures:

Studio photographer Fernando Martins is increasingly concerned by the loss of business to stock images, and he’s begun to find one particular face appearing on many of his former clients’ websites and advertisements. Intrigued by this elusive model, he tracked him down to Copenhagen in Denmark and flew out to meet his nemesis.

stock photo model

The World’s Most Downloaded Man

The meeting, all captured on video, was odd—somewhat strained and tense at first. However, the pair seemed to warm up to each other, and the final shots featured Jesper Bruun looking through a selection of Martins’ shots and recommending him as a creative original photographer rather than a photographer of set piece stock images.

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