Stingray Photobomb

Photobombing has become somewhat of an art form where an individual drops into a photo at the last second. I think this one is the best one I have ever seen, though. It was reportedly snapped in the Cayman Islands. A stingray decided to join this group photo resulting in a priceless photobomb:

stingray photobomb

Stingray Photobomb captured in the Cayman Islands (imgur)

Perhaps Imgur user, EyeballKid, says it best: “Put on sunblock, still not protected from harmful rays.”

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One response to “Stingray Photobomb”

  1. Kitty Mason says:

    Do you see the the forehead and black hair of probably a man right behind the Stingray?
    I’m thinking the Ray had a little help scaring the girls in the photo.

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